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Educational workshops to help businesses improve internal communication, increase morale and employee engagement, and create more positive work environments.

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At Ignite, we believe in making businesses as self-sufficient as possible by helping them develop a team of highly trained

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Marketing Strategies

Through Ignite consulting, we offer you a dynamic mix of marketing services that can help you develop the best digital exposure

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digital advertising

We help you develop digital marketing and advertising strategies that can help you strengthen your digital presence and turn your potential customer into a client.

At Ignite, we follow a step by step approach/process that helps us in creating customized strategies as per your business’ need. Our goal is to help your business reach the levels of success and digital presence that it deserves.

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Content Creation

Digital marketing and advertising have evolved a lot over the past few years. Companies are focusing on video content that can help them grab the attention of their customers in a way that keeps them entertains, educations and attracts them to purchase a service or a product

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science and art of being discovered online. We use a variety of tactics to boost your search engine rankings and get more people clicking on your site and initiating a first conversation with your business.

Social media management

Social media marketing allows you to reach potential clients where they spend their time and connect with your target market while they have their guard down. Social media is about building trust, developing your brand and (occasionally) selling. Finding the right balance is crucial – but when you do, the results are incredible! At Ignite we are here to help you the balance you need to be effective.



Cindy Foote

Story Key Enterpreneur

My business asked for a much-needed revamp, and Kimberly’s ignite coaching was the answer to all my problems. She was ready to communicate with me at any time and help me develop business ideas and marketing strategies that proved to be really beneficial for my business. I loved how she helped me find the hidden potential within me through her guidance. If you plan to hire a personal coach for your business, I would highly recommend her.

Tameisha Bolin

Sales Manager

Having Kimberly as a marketing expert and a trainer boosted my sales and my overall revenue greatly. Kimberly helped us with a number of ideas for our team as well as client handling and taught us marketing strategies as well. I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone looking to give their business a boost.